What a busy month it has been for the PoshSec team and the PoshSec Framework. We have just finished merging our work for the past month which includes 4,832 additions and 621 deletions since October 8, 2013. If you haven’t heard of PoshSec or the PoshSec Framework may I suggest you go take a look here.


Here is the change log of most of the changes that were pushed to the master branch this morning.

PoshSec Framework 0.2 BETA

New Functionality
Network Scan Improvements with Threading
MAC Address on Network Scan
Cancel Scan Option
Scripts are now in subcategories
New OpenFileDialog available in params window with psfilename= in scripts
New NetworkBrowseDialog available in params window with pshosts= in scripts
Script Scheduler for Daily / Weekly / Monthly schedules stored serialized to schedule.xml
Scripts no longer require Import-Module $PSFramework

Bug Fixes
Unhandled Exception with Links in RichTextBox
Custom Caret Memory Leak resolved

Code Refactoring
Moved all Strings to static class

New Functions
Remote Registry
Remote OS
Remote Architecture
Remote NET Versions
RemoteProcess / Remote WMI Process
IIS Log Management

New Scripts
Startup Programs Script

Please be sure to let us know if there are any issues, change requests, or questions. Please also remember that this is still in BETA. We are planning on releasing 1.0 early 2014. Keep watching here and on the @poshsec twitter account.

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