I mentioned on twitter that I was thinking about bringing some t-shirts to DerbyCon to give away for free that had the phrase “In yer tubez, cloggin’ yer internetz” on them. However, I thought it needed something more. This is one of the perks of marrying my wife. You see, she is a FANTASTIC artist. I can come up with the idea, but I can’t draw stick figures to save my life. So as we were on the way home from a concert last night, I told her about the tubez idea. I gave her a quick idea of what I was looking for and this is what she came up with.

Understand, this is the first draft. We are going to make some changes to it, and this isĀ not the final draft that will be on the t-shirt or sticker, but what do you guys think of the overall idea? Would you want a shirt or sticker with this on it? Let your ‘voice’ be heard on twitter. The more retweets of this article, the greater chance that I bring free t-shirts and stickers to DerbyCon!

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