My talk, “Creating A Powerful User Defense Against Attackers”, that I submitted to DerbyCon was accepted! Yay! I am really excited that DerbyCon is the first conference that I will be speaking as it was the first security conference that I attended.

Last year I didn’t even know who Dave Kennedy was, or who most people in this industry were. Yet, it didn’t take long for me to get to know some amazing people who weren’t in this to be famous. They love what they do, and even more they love sharing their ideas, talents, and desire with others. I walked away from DerbyCon last year ready to spread that same feeling to others. This year, I finally get to give back.

I look forward to seeing you at DerbyCon this year and I hope that my talk lives up to the high expectations that I have as well as I know that you have. You can read the abstract below.

Creating A Powerful User Defense Against Attackers

“Does your security defense stop at the firewall, antivirus, logging, auditing, and the IDS? Regardless of the size or complexity of your perimeter security if your user clicks on a malicious link or opens an infected file it could still be ‘game over’ for your network. One of the strongest defenses is knowledge and empowerment. In this talk, I will show you how we were able to get our executives, IT team, and all of our users excited about security. I will show you examples of how we convinced everyone in our organization that they are a part of the security defense team. I will show you what worked and what didn’t work when we implemented this in our organization. I’ll talk about how these techniques that I used in an organization of 70 employees can work at organizations of all sizes. I will give you practical tools to sell the idea to your boss, sell the idea to your IT team, and sell the idea to your users which will help you create a powerful user defense against attackers.”

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