It’s that time again. Every year I hold a contest for a free General Admission ticket to DerbyCon. These contests are usually in the form of memes and using Photoshop pictures of me. This year is a little different. Oh, there will be Photoshop’ing pictures of me, and there will be memes. However, there is a trick.

For those who have followed my stream over the years, or know me personally, know that I enjoy running. I run every day for about 3 miles. Yes, I do this on purpose. No, zombies aren’t chasing me. No, I am not chasing a food truck. No, … stop asking questions. I enjoy running. Now, each year at DerbyCon I typically go for a run by the river. I use RunKeeper to keep track of my runs. What is really neat is you can export the run to a KML file and view it in Google Earth. I have enclosed a typical path I take at DerbyCon below.


Let’s keep this simple.

  1. Create a Running Meme with a picture of me.
  2. Fails or Funny Meme’s are a plus!
  3. Keep it Safe For Work (SFW) – no nudes plz!

Simple right? You can do this.

Now, the trick is, you have to send me a DM with a screenshot of the secret code. You have to figure out what the secret code. Once I confirm the code, you can then send me your meme and it will be included in the drawing for the ticket. The code, and your meme, needs to be sent to me via DM no later than 11:59:59 PM CST Sunday September 6, 2015. I have enabled DMs from those I do not follow. There is no need to ask me to follow to send me a DM.

Optionally, if you would like to just create a funny/fail Running Meme and not compete in the contest, just use #DerbyConTest hashtag when you tweet the meme.

To recap:

  1. Make a funny/fail Running Meme with a picture of me.
  2. Upload the picture to twitter or image hosting site
  3. Figure out the secret code and send me a DM with a screenshot of the code.
  4. Once I confirm the code, DM me your meme no later than 11:59:59 PM CST Sunday September 6, 2015
  5. Profit*

Note: Solving the Stego allows your pic to be included in the drawing. Just because you solve the stego, doesn’t mean you win.

I will be in the #burbsec channel on the Freenode IRC Network. Feel free to ping me with Questions. Feel free to twitter DM me questions as well, although I may not respond as quickly. I would suggest going through my twitter timeline if you need hints. To be honest, you have everything you need.

Some Hints:

  1. Don’t over think this… you don’t need cracking/stego tools for this. SERIOUSLY!
  2. Have fun. Don’t get frustrated.
  3. Reread the Posts I linked
  4. There are some hints in this blog post….
  5. Steganography — look it up
  6. The Magic Wand is a Cool Tool
  7. The code will “look” like 2 letters. But must be a screenshot.

I will announce the winner Monday September 7, 2015 at 10:00am CST.

Finally, by participating you agree to allow me to use the image in my slide deck. Because I will….

*Profit: That is Pro-Fit. As in Professionally Fit. Running. Fitness. What, you think there’s money here?!


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