It’s that time again! DerbyCon 4.0 is just a few short weeks away. The thing is, I start getting excited about DerbyCon in March and April. The moment that the hotel block is set, I book the hotel. The moment tickets open, I buy one. I do this regardless of whether I am going to volunteer or submit a talk. Why? Because I less than three them so much! I just want to hug them, and squeeze them, and never ever let go! With that disturbing emotional admission out of the way, I have an extra General Admission ticket to DerbyCon. Now, I know DerbyCon has been cancelled, but this ticket still has sentimental value. So even though DerbyCon is officially cancelled, I am still holding a DerbyCon ticket contest. derbycon_cancelled

Here is the tl;dr of the contest. This is a Photoshop (s/Photoshop/your editor of choice) / meme battle! Originally, I thought of using a picture of Dave, but then I thought that he’s been in so many lately that it wouldn’t be that intriguing. Therefore, the challenge is: Find a picture of me, not my avatar, and Photoshop or meme it with the theme of “Security FAIL!”. I am always picked on for my youthful appearance and size, so use that to your advantage.

I know there are pictures of me out there. The first step is to find one. I’ll leave this here for you just in case. However, that is not the exhaustive list. There are others! Can you find the best one? Alright, now I know that it is our nature to find every possible way to exploit or subvert a contest. However, there are rules that must be followed:

  1. All pictures must be tweeted out with @Ben0xA and the hashtag #SecurityFail in the text of the tweet.
  2. Retweets by others will definitely help your chances, but the final decision is up to me.
  3. Bribing @Ben0xA with beer, etc is not out of scope, but this “may” not help your chances of winning.
  4. You must be able to attend DerbyCon 2014 and provide your own travel and lodging arrangements.
  5. You may not re-gift, transfer, or sell the ticket. If you can’t attend, then the ticket should not be used and I will award it to the first runner up.
  6. This is for 1 General Admission ticket to DerbyCon 2014 only.
  7. The winning person will be contacted via direct message on twitter by me with the QR code for admission.
  8. If you would prefer that I not use your tweet in my talk at DerbyCon please let me know in a separate tweet or DM.
  9. All tweets must be timestamped before Friday August 29, 2014 00:00:00 CST.
  10. You may submit more than one picture but each picture should be a separate tweet.
  11. All pictures MUST be SFW! NSFW pictures will be hilarious, but not eligible for the competition. If it’s NSFW, it should be labelled as such in your tweet.
  12. Incorporating Science Fiction movies is a huge plus.
  13. Putting me into a Social Engineering engagement will also have extra weight added.
  14. Please only use pictures that are public domain. If someone has a private collection, get permission first before you use it.
  15. Any situations that are not covered by the above rules will be handled by a Triad of three other species on a planet of my choosing. *Must provide own transportation to said planet. **Stargate travel is available for a nominal fee.

With that, you have your assignment. Good luck!

Be sure to stop by my two talks at DerbyCon this year, “Practical PowerShell Programming for Professional People” and “Call of Community: Modern Warfare”.

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