Last week, I posted a contest to win a free General Admission ticket to DerbyCon 4.0. The base of the contest was to find a picture of me, not my avatar, and Photoshop or meme it with the theme of “Security FAIL!”. I also mentioned that I am always picked on for my youthful appearance and size, [and to] use that to your advantage. I also mentioned that if you incorporated Social Engineering and Science Fiction it would greatly increase your chances of winning. Before I announce the winning picture, there were a lot of submissions to the contest that did not include a picture of me or my face. Unfortunately those were not eligible for the prize.

With that, the winner that submitted a picture that not only incorporated my age, social engineering, and science fiction but also was a very good edit is Babs O’Matic!!babsomaticBe sure to follow Babs on Twitter!

Babs O’Matic’s winning submission:


Congratulations! You are now the happy owner of a DerbyCon 4.0 General Admission ticket. Please check your twitter DM! I will say that Bab’s Stargate photoshop was a very close second because I am a Stargate SG-1 Geek! However, the picture above incorporated everything from the contest and looks perfect.Thank you to everyone that submitted. Here is a list of the images that were qualified to be entered. You all did a great job and I laughed a lot! Thank you for playing!

“Hilarious! In all of my defense decks going forward”contest_lopi_1by @_Lopi_

“Love the baby carrier! I laughed very loud when I saw this one!”contest_mzbat_1by @mzbat

“Love Halo! You even got Dave in there! Not sure he’s the best to drive though.”contest_humor4fun_1by @humor4fun

“Hahaha! This is part of my company’s security awareness deck from now on!”contest_irishjack_1by @irishjack

“Absolutely brilliant. This is a great phishing campaign poster!”
contest_babsomatic_1by @Babs0Matic

“Yes! Trust me, I’m young! LOL”contest_babsomatic_7by @Babs0Matic

“Exactly! How else am I supposed to influence people if I don’t look like Johnny XMas?!”contest_j0hnnyxmas_6by @J0hnnyXm4s

“I’ve actually done this – for serious! Too good.”contest_babsomatic_6by @Babs0Matic

“I think this is a big fail on my part! I got in, but I can only do it once! LOL”contest_babsomatic_5by @Babs0Matic

“LOL this image will never die!”contest_babsomatic_4by @Babs0Matic

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stargate! Great image and photoshop!”contest_babsomatic_3by @Babs0Matic

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