There are very few places where I feel like I’m home. One of those being my immediate family. Yet, being 5 hours away from them in Louisville, KY I still felt like I was home. DerbyCon 3.0 All In The Family lived up and exceeded my expectations this year. I truly felt like I was home and family with everyone there. It’s the one place where I am not worried about being made fun of because of my height or that I look 12… wait.. never mind. That happened. 🙂 But it was all in good fun as though it were coming from family members. As it was last year, DerbyCon 3.0 was devoid of Rock Stars. Everyone was on equal ground and you really could just walk up to whomever and start a conversation. Except maybe Jayson Street. Someone, which may or may not have been me, kept announcing his presence every time he walked into a room. Now that man’s a rock star. (Much <3 Jayson)

With 142 talks presented by 170 speakers spread out over 6 different tracks, DerbyCon 3.0 definitely offered something for everyone. They also had the CTF,  Lock pick Village, and Hardware Hacking return again this year. The coolest thing was to see all of the 14 and under in the lock pick village picking their very first lock. There was always something going on for people to get involved with.


Some fun facts about DerbyCon 3.0.

  1. There were 1,982 people there this year.
    In 1982 was when the computer was recognized by TIME magazine in their January 3, 1983 issue.
    The Commodore 64 was launched in January 1982.
    The first known computer virus, Elk Cloner, was released in to the wild infecting Apple II computers.
  2. On Saturday 9.29.13 DerbyCon 3.0 set a new liquor sales record for the Hyatt as the 2nd largest liquor sales the @HyattLou has ever seen.
  3. That record was only surpassed by DerbyCon 3.0 on Friday 9.28.13 as the 1st largest liquor sales in @HyattLou history. Easily obliterating Derby Day during the Kentucky Derby.
  4. DerbyCon 3.0 consumed 6 kegs in 1 hour.
  5. DerbyCon 3.0 raised at least $29,000 for Hackers for Charity. There is still a black badge auction going on.

HD Moore opened up the events with a great keynote on scanning the internetz. It outlined the complexity as well as how tools have evolved quickly to make it easier. He also pointed out the legal ramifications with doing scans of this magnitude. You can watch that keynote on Irongeek’s site. That keynote was followed by another keynote from Ed Skoudis talking about securing the Kinetic systems and how we can use our experiences to help create a better security posture.

This year, I had the opportunity to volunteer on @nick8ch‘s security team. I figured they could use someone as rough and tough as me… wait… So, I’m not that intimidating, but I did want to help. @banasidhe gave me the handle “Bruiser” for the weekend. The short/small/young jokes were well received and we all had a great time.  @nick8ch, @qualding, and @banaside did a great job of leading the security team and we only had a few small incidents. With almost 2,000 people and the amount of liquor consumed, I call that a huge success.

Friday night’s party was kicked off by @revrance doing Industrial Techno. Rance definitely delivered as a new and upcoming DJ. I really enjoyed his mix. This was followed by @zfasel rocking the house as he always does. This was followed by my good friend @dualcoremusic who gave a phenomenal performance even though his throat was sore. Friday night drinks were sponsored by @bugcrowd. By the way, I love the stickers @bugcrowd. Note: @purehate_ was awake for 2 days by this time and was so tired he slept behind the stage with the full bass and music playing.

You’d think that Friday’s party was the climax, but you’d be wrong. Saturday night’s party was even better. DJ CY-FY kicked off the party with a fantastic performance. Everyone was really enjoying themselves and I liked the grinder effects. I was working security for both of the parties so I didn’t get to see anything up close. Then The Crystal Method came in and brought the house down… literally. Some of the air vents in the ballroom were not screwed in and the bass was so loud it actually knocked the covers off. The Crystal Method were amazing. They were even cool enough to stick around for photos and autographs afterward.


Throughout the weekend, there were people being Ice’d by @surbo (giving them a hot or warm Smirnoff Ice and having them chug it). Dave had his fair share. @ArmyTra1n3d hacked one of the Hyatt’s display touch screens and got kali on it. Mister_X used his directional antenna to find someone that had done a SSID of “Dave_K_is_a_jerk”. Apparently it was not Dave Kennedy, but another Dave K. Chess was played by @egyp7 and others in the lobby in the early hours of the morning.


I also had the opportunity to speak again this year. I will be typing up a separate blog post on this, but I was able to show everyone the PoshSec Framework. Be sure to catch my talk if you didn’t get a chance to see it in person.

Thank you to all of the organizers, staff, volunteers, and family that made DerbyCon 3.0. I really feel like I’m home when I’m there. I’m always happy to return to my immediate family but am sad that I have to wait so long to get back to my extended one. Only 364 more days until we get the family back together again. I can’t wait for DerbyCon 4.0 where I can Come Home once again.

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