It’s that time again! DerbyCon 2013 “All in the Family” is just around the corner. I get so excited about DerbyCon that I try to secure a ticket and hotel the day tickets go on sale. Well, I did secure my ticket and I was honored to have my talk selected for this year. This means I have a ticket to give away. With the help of @securitymoey, we’ve come up with a great way to select a winner. Here’s how to be eligible for the ticket and other rules.

Updated: I mistyped the date. It’s this Friday the 6th. Not next Friday the 13th. Sorry about that. Looked at the wrong week on the calendar.

  1. Tweet a funny one liner response that a C-Level would/might say, real or fake, after you just told them that you have discovered that their company has been breached for the past 6 months during your security assessment.
  2. You must include the hashtag #DerbyConTest
  3. Retweets by others will definitely help your chances, but the final decision is up to @securitymoey and me.
  4. Bribing @securitymoey and @Ben0xA with beer, etc is not out of scope, but this will not help your chances of winning.
  5. You must be able to attend DerbyCon 2013 and provide your own travel and lodging arrangements.
  6. This is for 1 General Admission ticket to DerbyCon 2013 “All in the Family” only.
  7. The winning person will be contacted via direct message on twitter by me with the QR code for admission.
  8. If you would prefer that I not use your tweet in my talk at DerbyCon please let me know in a separate tweet or DM.
  9. All tweets must be timestamped before Friday September 6, 2013 00:00:00
  10. You may submit more than one tweet. But this will not necessarily improve your chances of winning.

Well, that’s about it. Be sure to catch my talk “It’s Okay to Touch Yourself” at DerbyCon 2013. Have fun and may the best tweet win.

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